Media Managment


TagIt is meant to be a fully automated tool to manage and provision media campaigns across many trafficking, DSP (Demand side platforms) and campaign management systems - like Facebook, Google Ads, GCM, DV360 and more. It assures correct naming convention usage which leads to consistent campaign tagging across all integrated advertising platforms. This enables automated campaign setup and consistent reporting, which gives enormous advantage over competition.


Thanks to our experience in systems integration we tackle the problem of managing all different advertising systems in one place without any additional work from user perspective. TagIt users can add support for any external platform, it comes down to just defining simple configuration.

Top-notch user experience design that addresses complex domain and manages to present lots of data in a simple and clear way.

Well though, streamlined data entry with multiple input mechanisms that address needs of different users and boosts their productivity. That includes advanced keyboard support and intuitive drag and drop.

Single view to plan your campaign across multiple advertisement platforms, which enables easy digital reporting across company.

Easily extendable external platform support - our design allows you to integrate any advertising system.

Standardized public API for integration with reporting systems

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