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Containerize everything

Containerization is a way to create an easy, reliable and secure way to run our systems anywhere. In complex deployments scenarios, where scalability and high availability is required, Kubernetes is used to orchestrate all of our containers.

Fast release

Utilizing Continuous Integration systems we automate many parts of the software delivery process, such as  releasing new versions and quality assurance. It can be easily connected to any of the communication channels: Slack, Mobile Push or SMS, so that information is delivered to appropriate recipients in no time.

Infrastructure as a Code

Using tools like Terraform or Ansible we automate creation and management of our infrastructure by incorporating Infrastructure as a code paradigm. Because of that we are able to spawn new environments with ease and do it securely and consistently.

Automated deployments

Whenever it’s possible we automate deployments of our systems using Continuous Deployment systems, resulting in easy, fast and secure deployments to any environment. By using deployment strategies such as canary-deployment or blue-green we can adjust this process to specific business needs.

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