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We specialize in custom-built systems
that implement complex business
where high availability, reliability
and elastic deployments are key factors
of success.
 Because we know that the only constant is change we make our systems
easily extensible.

Our designs are biased towards tackling complex problems with easy and clean solutions. We make sure to make our systems responsive and efficient because that’s, along with good monitoring and complex error handling scenarios, what makes the best user experience of backend systems.

Key success factors
of our solutions


Fire and forget -  attention is only required when absolutely necessary


Best possible performance at minimal resources required


We automate all possible aspects to provide best price to value ratio


Ready for inevitable changes

Fault tolerance

Designed to withstand failures to come


Protects you and your clients data

Keeping up-to-date is crucial in the technology business

We understand that and constantly track, assess and implement new techniques, patterns and libraries to create clearer, better tested and more efficient solutions.

We keep our codebase clean - well written, easy to understand and well organised, thus when errors occur, and they always will, we can solve them in no time and extending a system with new features doesn’t mean rewriting the whole system again.

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