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Self Learning Solutions (SLS)

Self Learning Solutions (SLS) is a global technology company providing software for FinTechs to automate and orchestrate business workflows with low-code/no-code (LCNC) solutions. Their products include: decision engine with ML and AI solutions, PSD2 data aggregation processes and labeling solutions, financial scoring engines

Scope of work

We teamed with SLS to support their operations and development of services that make their platform such a successful tool. Among many challenges we’ve managed to automate software development, testing and release processes, creating unified workflows for all of the company's distributed services. Implementing infrastructure as a code allowed us to minimize time and effort required to connect new customers to SLS services.

We extended monitoring and alerting features for all of SLS clients which resulted in minimized response time for production related events and enabled proactive actions to counteract probable failures. With advanced monitoring and tracing features operators were able to easily spot, trace and analyze any kind of a problem.


We were selected as a long term partner to re-design one of the company’s products - business process modeler. Emphasis was placed on creating user friendly interfaces, so a wider audience will be able to model complex automated, AI powered, business processes. Using custom-tailored design process, which included hours of workshops, thorough analytical and technical considerations we delivered clean, modern and highly usable design of a next generation business process modeler

Infrastructure as a code - safe, reliable, repeatable.

Unified development and delivery process including CI/CD

Site reliability procedures and infrastructure to minimize downtimes and failures

Complex system requirements captured thanks to a robust design system

Multi-layer monitoring system to tackle challenges before they occur

Advanced customization of open-source libraries that made implementation of a custom design possible

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